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Welcome back to Trad Tasman Talk where Tim Wilms and Dieuwe de Boer discuss the events of the past week. Auckland comes back out of its fourth lockdown as Jacinda runs for the hills. International Women’s Day gets really weird on the internet, Australia’s AG MeToo saga continues, and an American actress tries to set the Commonwealth ablaze.

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Australian politicians are appearing to be hospitalised at an alarming rate. Dan Andrews fell down the stairs this morning and is in intensive care with broken ribs and fractured vertebrae. Then breaking during the show Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has needed treatment for an infection two days after receiving the covid AstraZeneca vaccine.

Jacinda Ardern has run away from scrutiny following ordering the fourth Auckland lockdown. She will no longer appear weekly on top rating New Zealand radio host Mike Hosking’s Breakfast program, instead, use her Facebook Live button more where they are no pesky journalist questions.

Dan Andrews to undergo COVID-19 anal swab test after morning fall – Australians vs The Agenda
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