TTT 50 NZ Election Night 2020 Special

The 2020 New Zealand general election results come in as soon the polls close at 7pm NZ time. Tim, Dieuwe, Origen, Tare Paurere and Richard Wolstencroft provide some right-wing commentary and coverage so that you don’t have to watch the garbage on your TV.

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As soon as the preliminary results came in it is that Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Party had won an absolute majority in the new parliament with 50% of the vote. The National Opposition under Judith Collins suffered a wipeout with only 27% of the vote.

The two minor parties that will be in the new Parliament under New Zealand’s mixed-member proportional representation system are the libertarian ACT party and the Greens. New Zealand First lead by Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters failed to meet the 5% vote threshold to win seats.

In Australia, the Australian Capital Territory election was held with the local Labor Party led by Chief Minister Andrew Barr winning a sixth term retaining government via a Coalition with the Greens under the territory’s Hare-Clark proportional representation voting system. It was a night painted red all over with a tinge of green.

2020 General Election and Referendums – Preliminary Count
2020 ACT Legislative Assembly Election


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