TTT 33 Which Lives Matter?

The coronavirus lockdown was sold to the world as “stay home, save lives”. However, this hasn’t been applied to far-left Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters who are trying to flood our city centres with thousands of people. So which lives matter now if not those whom we are trying to save from coronavirus? Tim and Dieuwe try to make sense of the past week’s contradictions on Friday night’s Trad Tasman Talk.

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COVID-19 cases continue to dwindle on both sides of the Tasman as the new Black Lives Matter protest narrative vapourises social distancing and displaces coronavirus for the top current events story. Monday’s Auckland protests forced Jacinda to announce she’s considering an “early” Level 1 with “10 golden rules”. This announcement was followed by a leaked cabinet paper showing New Zealand should be in L1 already by the government’s own standards.

Talk of the tracing app has stopped in Australia as the software has been plagued by post-launch bugs and low usage. New Zealand’s tracing “check-in” app has likewise only been used an average of 1 time for each registered user it has. While businesses and churches remain heavily restricted in some Australian states, the NRL crowd numbers are revised far more often.

Hypocrisy is rife in both Australia and New Zealand as BLM solidarity marches take place with no social distancing enforcement. NZ Police leadership cited “fear of tension” and Victoria’s government admitted a complete inability to enforce rules due to the numbers of protesting. Some “health experts” even consider the BLM protests to be essential.

NZ’s Prime Minister and Director-General of Health have both been pictured with supporters while ignoring their own social distancing guidelines. Scott Morison and others have been more vocal in discouraging BLM supporters from attending protests.

A Polynesian teacher has been hunted by far-left legacy media in NZ for wearing a MAGA hat to BLM march. He works at a Christian school, which is both responsible for him having been able to keep his job and also increased the vitriol thrown at him. Events like this show the importance of building and supporting conservative and Christian schools.

Scott Morrison has announced a new HomeBuilder program to stimulate the construction industry, but is it really needed? On a positive note, there is a new foreign investment regime being discussed that appears to be aimed at a particular country without naming it.


Nat MP says Ardern and Bloomfield ‘hypocrites’ for breaching social distancing – NZ Herald
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