Ep. 20 Politico-Hollywood Complex

Cinema like everything else in the current year is now political. Hollywood is now more explicit about pushing its worldview. On Friday’s WilmsFront with a night at the movies on people’s minds I catch up with Melbourne’s most red-pilled film buff Richard Wolstencroft to explore the politico-Hollywood complex.

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I provide the latest on the groyper war with Ben Shapiro of Daily Wire pre-empting the Q&A session with a 45-minute denouncement of the alt-right and America First host Nick Fuentes. The ABC has pulled Monday night’s episode of Q&A after countless complaints about its all feminist panel advocating violence against men, they will conduct an internal inquiry.

Richard’s Melbourne Underground Film Festival has found itself deplatformed by its venue for this year’s festival after complaints to the owners. The festival is due to begin at month’s end so the search for a new venue has begun thick and fast.

Veteran film director Martin Scorsese has kickstarted a debate about what should be considered cinema. Tim and Richard debate if the Marvel Cinematic Universe is cinema, it has proven more successful than other efforts to create film serials such as Star Wars.

DC Comics has emerged in 21st-century cinema as the philosophical movie franchise. Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy began this with deeper explorations of the villains the Joker and Bane. Todd Phillips’ Joker has made $1 billion at the box office despite all the rage against it. The elites don’t like the movie exploring how a person like the Joker is born in our society.

Another recent film that has contemporary political commentary is Rambo Last Blood whose plot is an exploration of Mexico drug cartels violence on the US southern border. The biggest box office bomb of the year is Terminator Dark Fate with its pro-feminist anti-male plot.

The Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey sexual misconduct coverups only scratched the surface of the sinister culture that is engrained in Hollywood. Ronan Farrow’s book Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators documented his battle with NBC who refused to break the Weinstein story to protect their NBC Today host Matt Lauer.

Hollywood also is eager to plague hostile actors and rogue states as the North Korea Sony Pictures hack in 2014 demonstrated. South Park also recently exposed Hollywood writing out any plotline which is critical of the Chinese Communist Party.

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