Ep. 18 Currency Revolutions and SAlty Protestors

The state is losing its control over the currency. Marxists are SAlty their latest aggressive protest in Melbourne failed. Along with a Joker Movie review, those are the topics of Friday night’s WilmsFront episode.

Live Replay


The Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Revolution

With financial deplatforming for “wrong-think” becoming more prevalent with payment processors and commercial banks, the currency revolution that began with Bitcoin in 2009 has provided the free speech finance alternative.

Global Bitcoin expert and podcaster Stephan Livera breaks down the technical jargon of Bitcoin and the crypto industry. He also corrects some of the criticism of Bitcoin’s use, security and soundness.

Stephan Livera and BitCoin Links

Stephan Livera Podcast
Ministry of Nodes

IMARC Protest Fail

Victoria Police have thwarted the attempted Marxist blockage of the International Mining and Resources Conference in Melbourne this week. The organisers are quite SAlty that the police, media and Victorian Government have not said nice things about their cause.

Associate Editor of The Unshackled Lucas Rosas names and shames the organisers of the failed blockage: Socialist Alternative, Socialist Alliance, Jerome Small, Jacob Andrewartha and Emma Black. Despite it being a climate protest extinction Rebellion was nowhere to be seen

IMARC Protests Links

Victoria Police Issue Warning over planned Antifa Riot – TU
Who Are The Four Greens Pollies Speaking At The IMARC Riot? – TU
IMARC Rioters Attack Police, Horses, and Conference Attendees – TU
Andrew Bolt Is Right, The IMARC Rioters Are Marxists – TU

Joker Review

I finish by providing my review of the Joker which I saw last Sunday night. It is frightening because it exposes the fraud that the elites, mainstream media and social justice warriors’ narrative about our society. They are the bullies, the victimisers and the privileged class.

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