Ep. 174 Reverend James Costello

As illegal boat migrants cross flood the English Channel and are put up in 4-star hotels by the UK Government local Brits have begun protesting. To discuss the social disorder mass illegal migration is causing my guest on WilmsFront is British patriot activist the Reverend James Costello.

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James is local to Liverpool and covered the protest by locals outside an illegal migrant hotel in the suburb of Knowsley after a 15-year-old girl filmed a migrant attempting to groom her. The protest only turned violent when mysterious black-wearing people showed up which is when a police car was set on fire. James was told by two people who said they were from the Merseyside Police that he was under curfew though when he contacted the local station they knew nothing about such a condition, James was never charged for any offence post the protest.

James is an ordinated Minister of Creativity a pro-White Christian creed. He is an activist with Patriotic Alternative North East Division founded by British white nationalist Mark Collett. They oppose Indigenous white Brits becoming a minority in their own country by 2060 through mass migration both legal and illegal. The local MP for Knowsley Sir George Howarth believes that post the illegal migrant protest, Patriotic Alternative should be a prescribed terrorist organisation even though they are a non-violent activist and community group.

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