Ep. 163 One Nation Victorian Senate Candidate Warren Pickering

On the final WilmsFront before the 2022 Australian federal election I interview Warren Pickering the lead Senate Candidate in Victoria for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.

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Warren grew up and worked on regional Victorian farmland as well as in the construction industry. He then joined the Australian Army as a combat engineer where he was posted to North Queensland. After seven years he transferred to the Army Reserve and worked in the mines in Central Queensland. He returned to Victoria after the Queensland border reopened and Victoria had opened after 6 lockdowns.

Warren was one of the freedom party candidates running for the Victorian Senate this election who spoke at Melbourne’s Sack Them All Rally last Saturday. He wants to remove the vaxx mandates that still prevent most unvaccinated Victorians such as himself from working. He has been traveling all throughout Victoria meeting the voters and handing at polling booths. One Nation is running in all 39 lower house seats in Victoria

One Nation has been campaigning against the WHO Pandemic Pact which the major parties haven’t ruled out signing. Leader Pauline Hanson has caught covid this week so she will miss out campaigning on Election Day but will survive despite being unvaccinated and treating herself with ivermectin. One Nation has policies on every important issue including energy and national security, immigration, and support for families.

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