Ep. 160 Melbourne’s Freedom Future with Anthony Lev

Melbourne and Victoria still remain under more restrictions than most other Australia two years after the first two weeks to flatten to curve. What does the future hold for freedom in this state in this election year? To discuss my guest on WilmsFront is Anthony Lev of Melbourne Freedom Rally.

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Before covid Anthony worked in the music and entertainment industry and regularly traveled overseas. He has always had a libertarian political philosophy which inspired him to take a stand during the pandemic lockdowns and mandates. Anthony is of Ukranian descent but doesn’t have a strong view about the Russia-Ukraine war and is more focused on the campaign for freedom here in Australia.

Anthony and I discuss Victoria Police’s new pledge for back-to-basics policing, how the truth about the virus, masks, and vaccines are now allowed to be told, and speculate how covid will be handled by the health officials and governments going forward.

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