Ep. 159 John Steenhof of the Human Rights Law Alliance

On this edition of WilmsFront my guest is John Steenhof principal lawyer at the Human Rights Law Alliance, a law firm whose mission is to protect the religious freedom of all Australians.

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The Human Rights Law Alliance is associated with the Australian Christian Lobby, Martyn Iles the current ACL Director was the first principal of the Law Alliance. While the ACL as its name suggests focuses on political lobbying to change existing laws to better protect the human rights of Christians, the Law Alliance assists Christians in navigating Australia’s legal system as it currently is when practicing their faith in everyday life.

John explains why Scott Morrison’s Religious Discrimination Bill failed which by the time it came before Parliament wouldn’t have even protected Israel Foula from losing his job. Meanwhile, the Dan Andrews’ Government in Victoria successfully passed a ‘gay conversion therapy ban’ which can criminalize private conversations and prayer.



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