Ep. 158 Thinking Deeper with Stephen Chavura

2022 so far has seen alarm and hysteria continue to cripple the world on new fronts from both real and concocted crises. On this week’s WilmsFront we think deeper about what led humanity to this current point in history with my featured guest Dr Stephen Chavura.

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Stephen is a senior lecturer at Campion College a classical Liberal Arts College with a Catholic faith-based ethos. Stephen had previously worked at Macquarie University and Western Sydney University. Stephen is a contributor to Caldron Pool and also posts his commentary and vlogs to his own social channels. He has been a speaker at recent Sydney Freedom Rallies. He has previously given extended interviews to Joel Jammal and former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson.

Stephen and I discuss what the past two years of compliance by Australians with covid lockdowns and jab mandates says about the Australian character. Stephen believes internet technology is behind the rise of cancel culture but believes that humanity throughout history has always socially ostracized dissenters from the mainstream of those times. Stephen is disappointed in the current state of Liberal Governments including the botching of their proposed Religious Discrimination Bill. Stephen co-authored a book in Liberal Party Founder and former Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies.

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