Ep. 157 WA’s Human Rights Minefields with Andrea Tokaji

WA Premier Mark McGowan has decreed the state will reopen to the world on March 3 to those who comply with all his edicts. On this week’s WilmsFront to help us negative the new legal minefields is Human Rights Advocate and United Australia Party candidate Andrea Tokaji.

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Mark McGowan has kept WA’s border closed after he backflipped on reopening the state on February 5. But with Omicron seeping into the state anyway yet with no new reopening date set McGowan is slowly losing the support of the populace, the local media, and big business. The draconian vaccine and mask mandates have also failed to keep the virus out.

Andrea has founded her own consulting firm Andrea Consults to assist WA businesses to navigate the new legal minefields when it comes to covid rules and vaccine mandates. Andrea is running on the WA United Australia Party Senate ticket, she ran in the 2021 WA state election as an independent for the seat of Baldivis after being disendorsed by the Liberal Party. Andrea grew up in Communist Romania and therefore is a firm defender of human rights and dignity.

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