Ep. 156 Exposing Marx MaoGowan with Septimus Kane

This week’s WilmsFront featured interview show guest is legal scholar, artist, musician Septimus Kane. Currently confined to her home state of WA she has been investigating Premier Mark McGowan’s ties to the CCP.

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Show Description

Mark McGowan has kept WA’s border closed after he backflipped on reopening the state on February 5. But with Omicron seeping into the state anyway yet with no new reopening date set McGowan is slowly losing the support of the populace, the local media, and big business. The draconian vaccine and mask mandates have also failed to keep the virus out while existing therapeutic treatments were demonized and suppressed.

McGowan throughout his Premiership has appointed pro-CCP community leaders to a government advisory group and prioritized trade with China above all other matters including investigating how the Covid-19 began and the cover-up by the CCP. McGowan and his senior Ministers have attended pro-CCP trade and diplomatic events both locally and in China itself and spoken glowingly of the state’s close relationship with China.

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