Ep. 155 MediaBear’s Dr Clown

On this Special Saturday night musical edition of WilmsFront we are joined by covid satirist and stuntman MediaBear’s Dr Clown from his Safety Lab discussing the continuing face mask pandemic and play some of his greatest hits.

Live Replay



Karen is NOT a security guard. Karen is a researcher.
Stax is NOT a Contact Tracer. Stax is a composer, arranger, producer and vocalist.
Dr.Clown is NOT a doctor. Dr.Clown is a choreographer, cinematographer, writer, and editor.

Show Description

Dr Clown reveals his inspiration was a traveling clown over a century ago who satirized government mandates including face masks during the Spanish flu pandemic. He did not expect almost two years after his first viral hit I Wear My Face Mask in the Car the face mask pandemic and its associated mandates would still be around. He is still an optimist that in the near future this period will be looked back on as farcical.

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