Ep. 154 Dennis Huts Won Network Ten Zero

On this 2022 Australia Day week, my guest on WilmsFront is Perth-based patriot Dennis Huts who won a settlement from Network Ten over their reporting of his It’s Okay to be White Banner at the cricket in 2019.

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Dennis largely stayed off social media during his defamation case against Network Ten who were stalking his online presence trying to find evidence to back up their white supremacist slur. Network Ten’s attempted defenses were fair comment, qualified privilege, honest opinion, justification, and consent. When Ten realized none of these defenses would stand up at a trial and embarrass their reputation they offered a settlement.

Last year Dennis was charged by WA Police with common assault, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and obstructing police after he confronted the local Perth Extinction Rebellion road blockers who were blocking his other others’ cars. Dennis decided to plead guilty to the common assault in a deal with the prosecution that saw him receive a $700 suspended fine.

Dennis is now free to resume his local activism in Perth if he chooses, this Australia Day he hung his It’s Okay to be White Banner on a freeway overpass. He is considering another legal action against the ABC’s Louise Milligan who on Facebook repeated the white supremacist slur.



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