Ep. 153 Diogo – Host of The Five8 Take

On the first WilmsFront of 2022, I interview Diogo host of the Sydney-based Five8 Take podcast about the state of freedom, truth, and culture in Australia currently.

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Show Description

Diogo mainstream media misreported that Diogo was of the organizers of the Sydney anti-lockdown protest on July 24 which led to police charging him with Public Health breaches which is still before the courts. The NSW Police continued to harass him for the rest of Sydney’s 107-day lockdown this year.

As well as hosting his own podcast the Five8Take Diogo has also launched Yoketime with freedom activist Raphael Fernandez. One of their episodes where they ranked freedom activists on a tiered hierarchy (including myself) proved controversial.

Yoketime launched around the time of the controversial freedom ball which divided the movement due to it looking more like a United Australia Party event rather than one for the people. Recently paroled freedom activist Anthony Khallouf was booted from the event by organizer Simeon Boikov the Aussie Cossack.


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