Ep. 151 Travis and Billy from the Australian Unified Movement

On this latest WilmsFront featured interview show I speak to the founders of the Australian Unified Movement Travis Thickens and Billy Illfreshar who have organized local freedom activist and community events in Melbourne in 2021.

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Travis and Billy were regular attendees at the Occupy Spring Street camp out when the Pandemic Management Bill was being passed by the Victorian Parliament. Following its passage through the Legislative Council, they then moved their activism to outside the state Governor’s House in the form of a vigil. The vigil has the support of many aboriginal tribal sovereignty activists, Travis had attended the BLM 2.0 rallies in June 2020. Today the Melbourne City Council threatened to evict those outside the Governor’s House and confuscate their campout material.

Given Travis and Billy have traditional left of center views they were targeted by an Antifa infiltrator last Sunday who accused them of working with Nazis in the freedom movement. Billy found himself arrested for swearing at police when they refused to arrest the Antifa agitator.

The Australian Unified Movement grew out of the Victorian Freedom Movement which took part in many protests during lockdown, Travis has a collection of fines he has no intention to pay. AUM aims to be a community movement more than a political activist group organizing public social events as well as joining other activist groups for freedom rallies.


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