Ep. 15 Patriot Persecutions and Elite Escapes

The mainstream media of Australia have launched a press freedom campaign. Of course they don’t believe in freedom for everyone else, and believe only they have the right to inform the public of news and information they deem relevant and accurate.

This lack of consistent messaging has been on display with their silence or slander against patriots being persecuted across the western world, or helping elites such as Jeffrey Epstein escape justice.

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I was joined by Brisbane Unshackled Reporter Martin Hartwig to discuss this media hypocrisy on this Wednesday night’s edition of WilmsFront.

The media have either no-platformed or misreported patriot activist Blair Cottrell’s appeal against his blasphemy conviction. They also do not believe that the jailing of two New York Proud Boys for acting in self-defence makes them political prisoners.

While the mainstream media hope that we all forget the suspect nature of pedophile Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide, the internet has not forgotten. Drone footage over his Caribbean Island spotted a look a like. Epstein’s madame Ghislaine Maxwell has disappeared, a former Israeli intelligence agent Ari Ben-Menashe has stated the pair worked for Israel to blackmail US public figures.

Jessica Yaniv the Canadian “transwoman” lost their human rights complaint against a salon that refused to wax their balls. Trans traditionalist YouTuber Blaire White exposed Yaniv’s creepy conversations with young teenage girls. Blaire was recently interviewed by predator hunter Chris Hansen over her exposing another YouTube creep Onision.


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“Jessica” Yaniv LOSES suits against female estheticians who’d refused to wax his genitals – Rebel News
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