Ep. 149 Cafe Locked Out Co-Host Michael Gray Griffith

The Locked Out Cafe nightly show has become an online phenomenon during the rolling 2021 lockdowns in Melbourne. On this week’s WilmsFront show I interview its co-founder and co-host arts world exile Michael Gray Griffith.

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Show Description

Michael co-founded Cafe Locked Out as Cafe Locked-down in the middle of this year with fellow arts world exile Damien Richardson. The show airs weeknights at 7.30pm Melbourne time on Facebook and YouTube plus a Saturday special at 8pm. The show has featured nearly all activists in Melbourne’s freedom movement, The Unshackled’s own Richard Wolstencroft host of the Report from Tiger Mountain has also been a regular guest.

Michael was present at the Siege at the Shrine during the September week of protests in Melbourne where Victoria Police open fire on protestors with rubber bullets. Michael currently has an active case of covid, he is not vaccinated but only has a mild cold and cough. Having natural immunity to covid does not give you a green pass in Victoria unlike in European nations, he will still be locked out of venues in Victoria unless he takes a vaccine.


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