Ep. 148 Melbourne Activist Jerkuei Anyuon

Melbourne’s world record 262-day lockdown gave rise to many new and diverse local activists. My guest on this week’s WilmsFront is Jerkuei Anyuon Founder of the African Australian Family and Youth Foundation and speaker against the new Victorian Permanent Pandemic laws.

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Jerkuei migrated to Australia from South Sudan five years ago. The nation of Sudan was in a civil war for most of its post-colonial history until the Christian south formed its own nation.Jerkuei works in the Melbourne construction industry so to keep his job and support his family had to get the jab.

I askJerkuei about the continuing problem and cycle of African youth gang crime in Melbourne and what role toxic race politics plays in keeping it unresolved.Jerkuei has been speaking out against the pandemic lockdowns and police state in Victoria since the arrest of Zoe Buhler for incitement in September 2020. He was a regular attendee at Reignite Democracy Australia social events when Victoria was open earlier in 2021.

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