Ep. 147 Forgotten Political Prisoner Philfy

Australia’s draconian pandemic lockdowns have seen plenty of political prisoners. But some have been forgotten like my guest on WilmsFront this week Phillip ‘Philfy’ Simpson. He spent 48 days in prison after being arrested in Brisbane while filming himself maskless.

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Philfy first viral video was when he was followed by Coles staff for not wearing a mask during one of the numerous snap lockdowns in South East Queensland this year. He was arrested by Queensland Police on an outstanding warrant in June when he livestreamed himself not during a mask in that month’s snap lockdown. The reason for the outstanding warrant was because he had two court appearances scheduled on the same day, the one didn’t attend and was arrested for was a verbal altercation with a bus driver, the other was a tenancy despite related to his rental property.

Because he was imprisoned for 48 days he lost his rental property so is living in a caravan. He has opened a GoFundMe for his followers on Telegram and YouTube to donate for him to buy a house.Philfy does not plan to get vaccinated and is not deterred by the possibility of ending up in Queensland’s quarantine camp Wellcamp. Philfy also takes questions from the live audience about his life history and accusations made against him.

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