Ep. 146 Victorian Hotel Quarantine Accountability

With Victoria continuing to break all the wrong pandemic records the Andrews Government’s list of failures in managing it continues. On this week’s WilmsFront Ken Phillips returns to the show to provide an update on his campaign to hold the government accountable for its 2020 Hotel Quarantine Failures.

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Ken Phillips is the Executive Director of Self Employed Australia. In September 2020 he wrote to WorkSafe Victoria’s Enforcement Division requesting they investigating the Victorian Government’s Hotel Quarantine Failures of 2020 which led to the state’s second wave which saw 801 Victorians die with Covid and Melbourne in lockdown for 112 days.

A year later WorkSafe Victoria announced it was charging the entity of the Victorian Department of Health with 58 breaches of the state’s Occupational Health and Safety Act. Self Employed Australia has launched a Not Above the Law Campaign, they have identified 142 breaches of OHS and complied a list of Victorian Government officials including the Premier who should be prosecuted for those breaches.

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