Ep. 145 Independent Journalist Nick Holt

Over this past dark and mad 18 months in Australia’s history, independent journalists have become the real news breakers for everyday people. My guest on this week’s WilmsFront is independent investigative journalist Nick Holt to share with us what he has uncovered during this period.

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Nick publishes his investigative reports on his Australian Independent News Network on Substack, he hosts the Nick Holt Podcast available on Spotify and YouTube. On his podcast, he has interviewed Miranda Devine of the New York Post about the social media suppression and censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story in the lead up to the 2020 US Presidental Election. He has also interviewed Australian basketball legend Andrew Bogut who has been one of the leading voices of the celebrity counter-cultural revolution speaking out against the pandemic narrative and Melbourne’s record-breaking lockdown.

On Substack Nick has published further details about the Victorian Government’s dealings with Communist China outside of the Belt and Road Agreement. During the recent Melbourne protests, Nick believes the special operations teams we saw as part of the Victoria Police response could be outside trained mercenaries. They could possibly be linked to the city being part of the Strong Cities Network.

Nick and I also discuss this week’s local developments, he shares his view on Dom Perrottet’s rise to the NSW Premiership, and if delivers on his political philosophy of freedom by overseeing the state go back to complete normalacy. At the federal level, Nick believes there is now little difference between the two majors and predicts at the next federal election there will be a significant increase for pro-freedom minor parties.

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