Ep. 144 The Aussie Cossack

With the NSW Police proving themselves just as brutal as the Victoria Police in enforcing Sydney’s extended lockdown on the latest WilmsFront I speak with Simeon Boikov the Aussie Cossack about what he and others have experienced on the ground from the lockdown enforcers.

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Show Description

Simeon explains to us who the Cossacks are an ethnic and religious group founded during the Russian Empire to protect the Tsar, they were persecuted during the 20th century. Simeon believes that most we hear about Russia in Australia are fake news and the nation is not our enemy with Russians in Australia having a deep history including being part of the ANZACs.

Simeon had two court appearances at the same time at different Magistrates’ Courts in Sydney arising from various charges the NSW Police have slapped on him during their various traffic stops harassing him. He isn’t bothered by all the charges as its an excuse to get out of the house and believes clogging up the court system is one way to frustrate the lockdown enforcers.


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