Ep. 140 Climate Science Hot Air in Canada

North America is experiencing heatwaves and wildfires during their summer which have been again blamed on climate change. On this week’s WilmsFront we burst through this Climate Hot Air with Michelle Stirling from Friends of Science in Canada.

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Michelle explains that Canada’s heatwave this summer is due to a heat dome which natural meteorological phenomenon. The wildfires which are concentrated in British Columbia are due to high fuel loads in local native forests. Many wildfires are triggered by lighting and arson. Sadly Canadian churches have been targeted for arson for their alleged role in the historical mistreatment of Canada’s Aboriginal people.

The climate politics in Canada has been skewed because of very well largely foreign funded ENGOs. Their main campaign is against local Canadian oil production with their #TarSandsCampaign which has cost the nation $200 billion in investment alone. Many environmental lobbyists then find their way into positions in the Canadian Government. Friends of Science have also exposed the globalists activists behind Greta Thunberg.

Canada’s mainstream media do their best to shun dissenting voices such as Friends of Science, the Canadian Government gave the mainstream media a taxpayer-funded bailout in 2020. There are two anti-free speech bills before the Canadian Parliament: Bill C-10 where the government regulates the standards of internet content as it does for television, and Bill C-36 which would expand the meaning of hate speech to include hurting someone’s feelings.

Given the success of governments selling pandemic lockdowns to public climate activists who have at present failed to win over the public on carbon taxes and cap and trade are going to try to sell climate lockdowns. One of their ideas to allocate people and households carbon rations Michelle predicts at the next UN Climate Summit in Glasgow in November that there will be an attempt to bind western nations to decarbonization targets and more aid to the developing world.



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