WF Ep. 14 BritTurkExit

International news this week was dominated by attacks on nationalism and putting your own country first. That was the theme of Sunday night’s WilmsFront with battles in the UK, North America and of course the Middle East in BritTurkExit.

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Boris Johnson reached a new Brexit deal with the European Union. But it still must pass the British House of Commons before the leave day of October 31st. The EU nations may not grant another extension, so the politicians by breaking their own no deal Brexit laws will probably try arresting and jailing Boris Johnson

Trump’s decision to move United States troops from Northern Syria has achieved its outcome despite all the neocon fake news. A ceasefire was brokered with Turkey and Syria to end operations in Kurdish controlled territories, whole will now broker an autonomy deal with Syria.

Nationalist Democrat Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard was smeared by Hillary Clinton as being a Russian agent. This is due to Gabbard believing in an America First foreign policy. Hillary’s further unhinged Russian interference conspiracy theories will now only increase the attention and popularity of Gabbard’s campaign.

Canada goes to the polls on Monday. The Justin Trudeau blackface scandal has washed off. But Trudeau’s Liberal Party has lost ground to the further left minor party the New Democrats led by Jagmeet Singh. The Liberals and New Democrats will probably form a Coalition Government leaving the Conservatives led Andrew Scheer into another four years of opposition.


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NDP sees support jump at expense of Liberals, Tories one week before election: poll – Global News

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