Ep. 137 End of Financial Year Super Spending

Outbreak mania has once again penetrated fortress Australia. As we approach the end of the financial year with state and federal budgets engaging in more super spending welcome back to WilmsFront to Kyle Kutasi for a sane sobering summary about the state of our nation.

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Kyle is President of the HR Nicholls Society. The Australian Libertarian Friedman Conference which the society sponsors has been canceled due to the current Greater Sydney covid restrictions and resulting state border closures. Kyle has reached a state of despite after a year in Australia of rolling lockdowns and state border international border closures. He is beginning to hate his fellow Australians who have rewarded leaders for these lockdowns and other economically destructive health fascism measures.

Kyle as both a political activist and practicing lawyer has been following the growing number of political defamation cases. These include John Barilaro suing YouTube friendlyjordies, Afghan war veteran Ben Robert-Smith suing Channel Nine, and the now settled Christian Porter case against the ABC and Louise Milligan where both sides claimed a win.

Being a New South Welshman Kyle comments on the just-passed NSW budget which includes more spending on the non-core functions of governments such as on kids swim lessons. Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s love life is back in the headlines with her revealing her new boyfriend is Arthur Moses SC, the lawyer who represented her at ICAC during he testimony regarding her disgraced ex-boyfriend Daryl McGuire MP. Kyle believes that the media only covers the politics of center-right politicians’ personal lives.

Kyle and I finish off by passing comment about the death of tech businessman and libertarian dissent John McAfee, Britney Spears attempting to break free from her conservatorship from her farther and the return of international soccer with Euro 2020.

NSW Budget 2021: Treasurer hands down $7.9 billion deficit, but a surplus is on the horizon – 9News
‘My boss has hooked up with the perfect bloke’: Colleagues give Berejiklian’s new beau the tick – SMH
Friendlyjordies producer Kristo Langker wants jury trial – The New Daily


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