Ep. 136 Evelyn Rae from Caldron Pool

Over the past year, the state of law enforcement and changing moral values in the west have been in central focus. A woman who has been in the frontline of both is Evelyn Rae vlogger and contributor to Christian Conservative website Caldron Pool. She is my guest on the latest WilmsFront.

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Evelyn had a decade-long career with the police force, she is glad she quit when she did since over the past year police have been tasked with enforcing duration pandemic lockdown rules. She believes that better recruitment and longer training are needed to ensure the bad and improper policing is reduced.

Evelyn is critical of the feminist MeToo movement both from a law enforcement and cultural point of view. Airing allegations through the media hinders the successful legal prosecutions of rapes and sexual assaults. Evelyn through her policing career is aware that a significant number of allegations made are false and can destroy the falsely accused person’s life and career.

Caldron Pool was founded in 2017 with the first Australian culture war battle it covered was the same-sex marriage postal survey. I ask Evelyn to respond to the fact that Christian conservatives have lost every political battle on life, gender, and sexuality issues in recent years, is she still optimistic about the future?

How Media ‘Call Outs’ Protect Predators: Lauren Southern Speaks With Evelyn Rae – Caldron Pool


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