Ep. 135 The Oversexualized Revolution

One of the digital revolution’s adverse impacts has been the easy accessibility of all types of pornography, sexualized content, and sexual services. On this week’s WilmsFront featured interview program, we discuss mitigation measures to curb these impacts of the oversexualized revolution with my guest Dr Elisabeth Taylor.

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Dr Elisabeth Taylor was previously the Director of Research with the Australian Christian Lobby where her area of expertise was the Safe Schools program, gender ideology and the queer revolution. Elisabeth traces the origins and goals of the sexual revolution to the work of Alfred Kinsey in the late 1940s who concluded that no sexual interactions were negative.

One of Elisabeth’s research papers documents the many negative social impacts of widespread pornography consumption. Elisabeth is broadly supportive of a recent parliamentary committee report that supports some form of age verification for accessing online pornography and sexual services. However Elisabeth rejects that we live in a rape culture and that oversexualised culture can be directly linked to domestic violence.

Pornography as a Public Health Issue: Promoting Violence and Exploitation of Children, Youth, and Adults


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