Ep. 133 Weird Wired World with Max Igan

A year after his first time on WilmsFront and one of his last appearances on YouTube before being banned Max Igan from the Crowhouse returns to the show. Max is a local Australia living in the bush who has been warning others about the rise of the globalists and continuing government corruption for a decade. Is it still possible to escape the digital matrix? Max will tell us his opinion and answer your questions which can be put in the comments below.

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Show Description

Max’s loyal audience has followed him to free speech video hosting platforms Odysee and BitChute, his popular Facebook group has been reborn on MeWe. Max has spoken at many of the local freedom days marches in his local South East Queensland community. Since he was zapped with an experimental beam at the beginning of 2020 there has been no further targeting of him by the state or other globalist actors. Max believes that love and humanity can win over the increasing surveillance state in this uncertain time.

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