Ep. 129 Aboriginal Affairs and Justice

Aboriginal Affairs, welfare, and justice in modern Australia has gone from a carefully considered public policy issue to another toxic aspect of the culture war with knee-jerk responses mixed with harmful identity politics. On the first weekly Thursday WilmsFront we attempt to introduce some rationality into this issue with guest Dr Anthony Dillon.

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Anthony is a respected academic on Aboriginal Affairs and lectures at the Australian Catholic University. He identifies with both his Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal ancestry, his father Col Dillon was the first Aboriginal Australian police officer. His commentary has appeared in both mainstream print media and on television programs. He has contributed to numerous books the latest is a chapter in Cancel Culture edited by his ACU colleague Dr. Kevin Donnelley.


About Anthony Dillon
It’s time Australia told the truth about Aboriginal deaths in custody – news.com.au
Cancel Culture and the Left’s Long March – Wilkinson Publishing
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