Ep. 128 Human Rights Overlooked with Andrea Tokaji

On the midweek edition of WilmsFront, we look at how human rights have been overlooked and had their meaning changed over the past year with guest Western Australian state election candidate, human rights advocate, and legal academic Andrea Tokaji.

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Andrea was born in Communist Romania under the brutal regime of dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu. She and her family came to Australia as refugees. Given her experience under a totalitarian regime based on the cult of a dictator, she has especially been alarmed at the deterioration of our rights and freedoms this past year.

Recently Andrea ran as an independent candidate for the seat of Baldivis at the just-passed Western Australia state election. She was originally the Liberal Party candidate but was disendorsed by leader Zak Kirkup in January over her Caldron Pool essay written in April 2020 about the undermining of our freedoms during the coronavirus hysteria which mentioned possible 5G connections to the pandemic.

Before moving to Western Australia Andrea lived and worked in Canberra as a lobbyist against human trafficking. She experienced firsthand the culture that has recently been exposed as occurring inside the Canberra bubble.

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