Ep. 126 Ongoing Tyranny

We Australians are in a much better way in terms of our freedoms than we were in 2020 however the ongoing tyranny ushered in by the pandemic and is raw in our memories. On the midweek edition of WilmsFront Eve Black returns to the show to discuss her life and legal battle six months on from the peak of Victoria’s Lockdown.

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Eve had a virtual hearing at the Melbourne Magistrate’s Court on March 23 as Victoria Police have accused her of refusing to provide her name and address when they smashed her car window when they pulled her over in Carlton. The mainstream media called her appearance bizarre and painted her legal representative Zev Secured Party Creditor as some sort of legal kook. Eve corrects the record about what really happened during the hearing and also shares how she’s transformed her life from being an erotic dancer to giving her life to God.


Eve Black wants COVID roadblock case dropped as man called Zeb Secured Party Creditor represents her in court – 7News
‘Sorry that was my parrot’: Eve Black’s bizarre court appearance – Yahoo
WF Ep. 92 Police and Media Targets

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