Ep. 123 Power and Emergencies

On this week’s edition of WilmsFront we are looking at power both political and electric and how our societal emergencies not limited to the pandemic are continuing.

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Based on current trends Australia’s ICU wards may be overwhelmed with sick politicians. Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has broken his ribs and fractured vertebrae after slipping and falling down the stairs at a holiday rental on the Mornington Peninsula. Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt is in hospital with cellulitis in his leg two days after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine.

At the Federal level Defence Minister Linda Reynolds is on medical leave for another three weeks due to a heart condition, Attorney-General Christian Porter is on mental health leave due to the historical rape allegation leveled against him and subsequent media frenzy. In the Victorian Cabinet Dan joins his Police and Emergency Service Minister Lisa Neville in the sick ward, Neville has taken three months medical leave due to Crohn’s disease.

The decline of Victoria continues without Dan Andrews as the dictator with his government announcing a standing Truth and Justice Royal Commission to unearth alleged historical injustices against Aboriginal Victorians. Announced today was the earlier than planned closure in 2028 of the Yallourn Power Station in Victoria’s Latrobe by its operator Energy Australia, this will place a further strain on the state electricity grid and increase prices.

Globally the biggest story as been the accusations of racism leveled at the British Royal family by Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle in an extended interview with Oprah Winfrey. The race baiters around the western world have eaten up Meghan’s every word and her victim complex. President Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities have deteriorated again as in two separate press conferences he couldn’t explain his covid relief bill and remember the name of his Defense Secretary.

The West Australian state election is this Saturday 13th March with Labor Premier Mark McGowan widely projected to win in a landslide. Liberal leader the one term 33 year old Zak Kirkup has had a terrible campaign including unveiling green carbon neutral by 2030 target for the state and already conceding he will lose. The campaign took a bizarre final twist with a 67 year man throwing a suspicious package in Mark McGowan’s electorate office.


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