Ep. 120 The Other Perspective

During this past year the alternative media has been more important than ever providing the other perspective during this era of historical uncertainty where we have seen horrific levels of government tyranny and control. This will be the topic of tonight’s WilmsFront with my guest Damian Coory host of the Other Side Podcast.

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Show Description

Damian Coory has had an extensive career in the public relations sector and the mainstream media. He’s worked in AM radio over a decade including for ABC Queensland and 4BC. He now hosts The Otherside podcast and vodcast is syndicated on the Good Sauce and Discernible networks.

Damian is currently trapped in Northern NSW after being in Melbourne last week, prevented from going home to Brisbane due to state border restrictions. As an Australian living abroad for 20 years Damian has been frustrated by the inability of many Australians to return home safely.





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