Ep. 12 Non-News Networks

The mainstream media these days either report fake news or simply omit stories they don’t want to cover, as part of being non-news media networks. That’s the topic of discussion of tonight’s WilmsFront.

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CNN and the New York Times hosted the 4th Democrat Presidential Primary debate. It included the top 12 candidates including my favorite Tulsi Gabbard She called the host media despicable for smearing her as a Russian asset because of her non-interventionist foreign policy.

More patriots had their bank accounts closed for unspecified reasons by ANZ Bank. The first target of this new banking deplaforming trend was Blair Cottrell who had his Westpac personal account closed. This was followed by former Lads Society member Thomas Brasher who was with ANZ.

The only mainstream media reports of Melbourne’s annual pro-life March for the Babies were negative. The worst example was the Herald Sun alleging that far-right extremists attended. One of the extremists mentioned was mother of 13 Kathy Clubb, I offer her a right of reply.

The Brisbane March for Life attracted zero mainstream media coverage. The only man on the ground was YouTuber and Proud Boy Ben Shand the Dusty Bogan who has published his on the ground interviews. He joins me to discuss the March and also what else has the Queensland Labor Government up there has been up to.


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