Ep. 118 Make the West Great Again

2020 was a year which saw the western world swing back towards big government. The end of the Trump Presidency coupled with the loss of economic and personal freedoms sees the west enter 2021 at a crossroads. How do we make the West Great Again? Liberal Party democratic reform advocate and vocal MAGA supporter John Ruddick puts forth his perspective on this episode of WilmsFront.

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In his book Make the Liberal Party Great Again John advocates that Liberal Party candidates for the lower house should be selected via primaries by party members and supporters, and party upper house candidates and party leaders should also be selected by party members. John argues this will attract more principled and skilled candidates to run for the Liberal Party and hence be in parliament and government.

Donald Trump was only able to win the Republican Party presidential nomination as an outsider because registered Republicans could vote for him in the primaries in 2016. John is disappointed how the Trump Presidency ended but is hopeful there is enough MAGA talent both inside and outside traditional politics that the Republicans can retake the White House in 2024.




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