Ep. 116 2020 BlindSide

On the final WilmsFront for 2020 myself and my producer Margo Reigns reflect on what a blindside the year was with covid spreading government’s shutting down our way of life as we knew it.

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Both of us lived through Dan Andrews’ four month lockdown of Melbourne including the stage 4 restrictions which had an 8pm curfew, 5km travel radius and mandatory masks everywhere. We thankfully end the year where we can broadcast the final show from an open pub over some drinks.

Residents of Greater Sydney are the latest to be subjected to coronavirus restrictions as a leak from hotel quarantine has led to an outbreak in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Health Minister have been pushing QR code check in surveillance the hardest for ‘contact tracing’ purposes.

As 2021 draws near regaining the freedom as we knew it remains doubtful. The digital surveillance will remain, we don’t even know if these experimental vaccines will end the lockdowns and restrictions. After what we’ve been through in Melbourne it’s amazing how we are now free to see our friends and family this Christmas. Same can’t be said for westerners in the northern hemisphere.

WilmsFront is taking the Australian summer off to enjoy our nation’s great outdoors since it was taken away from us this year. Margo and I reflect on the year of shows including high profile guests such as Katie Hopkins. We also look at how social media shadow banning including of the show YouTube channel has ramped up post US election.

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