Ep. 115 A Tale of Two Christmases

It’s a tale of two Christmases for Westerners. In the Great Southern Land of Australia, the domestic economy is open with us able to semi-freely enjoy our perfect summer. In the Northern Hemisphere, they are experiencing a dark winter with governments reimposing police state lockdowns as coronavirus infections rise. On the midweek edition of WilmsFront, we look at these two polar opposite seasons with guests Harrison McLean, a participant in the Melbourne Freedom Rally movement that has been active since the city’s Stage 4 lockdown.

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Harrison and I review the end of year document dump from the Andrews Government relating to their pandemic response. They chose the police state response from the beginning because they knew their public health teams could not trace or prevent coronavirus infections once it got out into the community.

Harrison joined the Melbourne Freedom Rally movement from the first September 5 Freedom Day at the Shrine of Remembrance when Melbourne was still under stage 4 lockdown and has been to most Freedom railles since. He has received seven fines from Victoria Police for his activism which he intends of challenging in court. More lockdown fines have been withdrawn by Victoria Police than have actually been paid.

The Freedom rally movement has evolved into a full fledged community group. They will not rest until the state of emergecy we are still living under Victoria is revoked and all coronavirus surveillance measures are removed. QR code mandatory check ins in hospitality venues are being enforcement and there is much concern about either a government or corporatist mandate of any of the coronavirus vaccines

Melbourne Freedom Rally Linktree

More Vic COVID fines cancelled than paid – The Standard
Victoria’s contact tracing system was not fit for purpose when coronavirus hit, parliamentary inquiry finds – ABC News





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