Ep. 114 The Australian Summer Breather

Coronavirus free and largely breathing and speaking easy unmasked around Australia this summer the Australian-political news cycle has turned to both post-covid economic changes and pre-covid social and cultural issues. On the midweek edition of WilmsFront I discuss this back to the future end to 2020 with my guest Kyle Kutasi.

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I begin the show by providing an update about Victoria’s CovidSafe Summer restrictions which still see masks mandated in large retail and public transport settings. The Andrews government is vowing to purse all the fines issued to Victorians during the coronavirus the lockdown. They are also looking at introducing a permit system for political protests.

Then Kyle joins me to discuss the post-covid news cycle. Kyle is President of the HR Nicholls Society which advocates for workplace relations deregulation and flexibility. He gives his feedback on the Morrison Government bill to clarify the definition of casual work and the pay and conditions associated attached it that work.

Today Labor’s Kristina Kennelley got Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton to agree to an inquiry into extremism. Kennelley has long been lobbying for an inquiry into right-wing extremism and labelled myself an alt-right extremist. Her campaign received a boost today with an 18 year old in Albury arrested for posting right wing threats online. Kyle disagrees with the classification of Nazis and fascists as right-wing.

The federal government through the ACCC has created the News Media Bargining Code which will see Facebook and Google forced to remunerate mainstream media companies for sharing their news links on their platform. Kyle says this is typical rent seeking behaviour because the mainstream media is struggling after being protected from competition for too long.

Kyle lives and works in New South Wales which has remained largely open since the end of national lockdown in mid May. Premier Gladys Berejiklian has survived controversies in the second half of the year with the revelation she was in a relationship with corrupt former MP Daryl McGuire, her office shredded documents and deleted emails to do with a community grants pork barrelling program and she failed to self-isolate after a covid test.

Vic won’t waive $3m in child COVID fines – Canberra Times
Inquiry into extremism launched after Labor push – The Age
NSW teen to be charged with terrorism-related offences after arrest in Albury – 7News
Government tables news media bargaining code – Mumbrella





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