Ep. 113 Covid Culture Clash

With Australian state borders reopening for Christmas after a year of a divided nation it is clear that covid has created a new internal culture clash. On the midweek edition of WilmsFront I explore the new Australia as well as China’s new shitpost diplomacy against us.

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Australia has now eliminated the coronavirus with my home state of Victoria overcoming its second wave and South Australia eventually getting on top of its Hotel Quarentine outbreak. Now we can hopefully get the 36,000 Australians who wish to come home here by Christmas.

Communist China where the coronavirus is power posturing to Australia again. After slapping tariffs on Australian wine and blocking Australian coal ships China has posted a fake photo of an Australian soldier beheading an Afghani child. China is attempting to deflect its own human rights abuses by referring to alleged war crimes committed 19 SAS Soldiers in Afghanistan.

Hillbilly from the Proud of Your Hunter YouTube channel joins me for the middle part of the show to reflect on our weekend trip to New South Wales. There are no culture masks in that state but they still have the QR code check-in surveillance system in all venues. Although Australia may be opening up the current state of restrictions in place each state demonstrates we are certainly not free.

I conclude the show by analyzing the Morrison Government’s claim that Australia’s economic comeback has began with the economic growing in the September quarter by 3.3%. While Australia’s covid free summer will aid a recovery the real economic crash is still yet to be fully felt.


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