Ep. 112 The Coming Great People Tracking

As Australia’s leaders permit a ‘covid normal’ Christmas the mandatory as possible vaccine, mass surveillance in the name of contact tracing and the global great reset are now underway. On the midweek edition of WilmsFront my guest is Triccy Triddy one of the leaders of the People’s Revolution aiming to resist this new world order.

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The People’s Revolution has participated in the various nationwide Freedom Days and Peaceful Picnics throughout the lockdowns, the next one is scheduled for December 6. Triccy has received three fines from the Queensland Police for breaching gathering limits, at the August peaceful picnic in Brisbane he was the only person fined because he was deemed the organiser and leader.

The continuing lockdowns and restrictions appear to be a physiological warfare operation against the people, which will make them accepting a vaccine to end it all. Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has stated for international travel a covid vaccine will be required. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has previously stated he wants the vaccine to be as mandatory as possible, international travel will be permitted again but those who refuse the vaccine will have to quarantine for 14 days.

The new surveillance state for contact tracing purposes will continue with QR codes all the rage at the moment with state governments mandating them for all hospitality venues. State governments can still declare a police state and suspend human rights at a moments notice if there are any outbreaks, as happened to South Australians.

Triccy believes that the quest must continue to wake more people up, those opposing lockdowns, mask mandates and limits on freedom are still the minority as the Queensland state election result demonstrated. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk will open the Queensland border on December 1 but has vowed to close it again if there’s an outbreak anywhere else.


COVID-19 vaccination to be compulsory for international flights – A Current Affair

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