Ep. 111 The War on Healthy Exercise

One of the most perverse restrictions during our lockdowns has been the war on healthy exercise. On this start of week edition of WilmsFront we explore that and other lockdown absurdities with my guests: gym operator Kris Preston and South Australian resident and Director of FLAG Australia Peter Manuel.

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The gyms were one of the first businesses forced to close under covid lockdowns and some of the last allowed to reopen. The reasoning for this is because gyms have shared equipment and sweat has covid droplets. Kris highlights that in case of outbreaks gyms already have in place contact tracing systems with all gym visits by members or visitors logged.

During the lockdowns outdoor exercise was allowed but discouraged as a means to limit movement. During Melbourne’s stage 4 lockdown and during South Australia’s three-day’ circuit breaker’ lockdown exercise outside was completely banned for the first day and a half. Kris highlights that with people’s daily routines disrupted and were trapped at home that’s when bad eating and wellbeing habits begin and are hard to break.

According to Kris his clients have put on an average of 5 to 7kg during lockdown. His advice is people starting getting back into a daily routine now stay at home orders have been lifted in Australia, become self disciplined by getting up early and setting fitness goals.

Peter Manuel tells us his experience of the South Australian lockdown. He can’t believe the extent of these lockdowns based on a virus and that we aren’t allowed to return to normal life without a vaccine. There was mass confusion over the new rules during the South Australian lockdown and small business confidence was shattered.

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