Ep. 110 Covidflakes

Covid-19’s first birthday is approaching since it was born in Wuhan, China. We now know a lot more about the virus works, how to treat it and what actually prevents the spread. Despite this fear of the virus amongst the populace and political leaders is still at hysterical levels. On this week’s edition of WilmsFront I look at covidflakes who are still so afraid of the virus they still demand significant restrictions on our society.

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South Australia’s Liberal Premier Steven Marshall today announced that the whole state would go into a 6-day’ circuit breaker’ lockdown due to a cluster of 22 cases stemming from a hotel quarantine breach. It is an even more draconian lockdown that Victoria with takeaway shut and exercise outside the home completely banned. Panic buying has been occurring across the state since the cluster was first announced on Sunday evening.

South Australia is an eliminationist state and still had its borders closed to Victorians despite the state now going 19 days without any new coronavirus cases. Despite Victoria now itself having eliminated the virus masks are still compulsory outside the home. With the NSW border opening next week Victorians can escape Dan’s rules, that is when another relaxation is due to be announced by Dan Andrews.

Despite the virus no longer in the Victorian community, not even in the sewerage paranoia amongst some Victorians about people going back to living their lives and some without masks continues. Some still won’t even leave the home until more days of zero are recorded.

With Joe Biden still in the box seat to be President on January 20 2021 with his policy of a national mask mandate Governors around the United States are imposing varying degrees of lockdowns and mandatory masks. Infectious diseases head Dr Anthony Fauci has said Americans should do as they are told now. Post-US election another covid vaccine with a reported 95% effectiveness rate has been announced from pharmaceuticals company Moderna.

Ben Shand the Dusty Bogan and now censored.tv host and new dad joins me for the second half of the show where we discuss the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset policy for a post-covid world and the latest in cancel culture.

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