WF Ep. 109 National and International News Review

The continued US Presidential Election Count has dominated both national and international news this past week. On this weekly edition of WilmsFront my guest is Jamie McIntyre Founder of the Australian National Review where we look at the impact of the US Election on the future of the coronavirus pandemic and globalist agenda.

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Jamie has just had his Facebook page deleted as part of the US Election voter fraud social media censorship. He is offering a $10 million reward to anyone who can prove that the Democratic Party did not commit voter fraud to steal the US Election from Trump. The mainstream and social media are already referring to Joe Biden as President-elect.

We discuss how the crushing police state lockdowns are being sold as the only ways to suppress the coronavirus without a vaccine, only with a vaccine can we go back to normal. Suddenly right after the US Election the Oxford University and Pfizer vaccines are just about set to be approved and mass production has already started.

Jamie is based on the Gold Coast where the coronavirus restriction that has impacted that region the greatest is the Queensland state border closure. He is urging all Victorians to leave the state once Australia’s internal borders are open during the summer non-flu season window. Despite there only being 4 active cases in Victoria they are the only Australian residents forced to wear masks.

Jamie has been inspired by the growth of independent media in 2020 which is vital to waking more people up to the globalist agenda that has been accelerated with the pandemic. The new normal post covid vaccine will still involve intense digital surveillance and censorship and suppression of wrongthink.


Facistbool deletes ANR Founder’s account – ANR
Pompeo: ‘There Will Be a Smooth Transition to a Second Trump Administration’
Project Veritas Releases Shocking Recordings of Federal Agents Trying to Intimidate USPS Whistleblower Into Recanting Election Fraud Claim – Gateway Pundit





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