Ep. 108 US Election Count Break

There’s been a break in the count of the vote in the critical US swing states of Pennsylvania Michigan and Wisconsin which coincidently Trump is ahead in but without cannot reach the 270 electoral votes yet to be re-elected. On this special Post US Election Day edition of WilmsFront we assess where the count is at.

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As the show goes to air the mail in ballots start flooding into Wisconson and have flipped the state for Biden. Mainstream media coverage including Fox News made sure to call states for Biden early while waiting for as long as possible to call states for Trump. The feared post election violence has already began with rioting in Portland and attacks on Proud Boys in Washtington DC.

Prominent Black Conservative Bevelyn Beatty Stabbed in the Back… Multiple Proud Boys Stabbed in DC – Gateway Pundit
Trump says he won election, calls voting delays a ‘fraud on the American public’ – Post Millenial
‘Something must be done’: Trump lashes Supreme Court for ruling on Pennsylvania ballots – Politico
Fox News Calls Arizona For Biden After 1 Vote Counted – Babylon Bee





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