Ep. 105 It’s Not Over

Melbourne is no longer under lockdown but Victorians’ lives are still subjected to severe restrictions. It’s not over the battle to regain our freedom and human rights. On the midweek edition of WilmsFront my guest is Richard Ray who attended the Grand Final Eve Freedom Day March.

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Richard has been to most of the Freedom Day/anti-lockdown protests but only received his first fine at the Grand Final Eve event. Victoria Police were less brutal than they had been at previous freedom days. There is another freedom day protest planned on Melbourne Cup Day at Parliament House.

Richard’s mate Nathan Kyle who has also appeared on WilmsFront filmed some raw footage which showed the protest was mostly peaceful which was not how the mainstream media portrayed it on the evening news. Dan Andrews wasn’t happy that people were protesting against his lockdown strategy calling the protesters shameful.

Melbourne and Victorians are certainly not free, particular with Dan Andrews still as Premier. Dan’s mask fetish continues with all Victorians still required to wear masks under the threat of a $200 a fine. Ipsos polling released this week showed that Dan still has majority public support, another Ipsos poll showed that many fearing another lockdown are considering fleeing the state when state borders are open.

There are critical events coming up in the next two weeks. Two High Court challenges will be heard against border closures and movement restrictions on constitutional groups. Victoria’s Supreme Court hands down its decision of the legality of the Melbourne curfew, the Coate Inquiry into Victoria’s Hotel Quarantine is due to be handed down. We also await when Melbourne’s ring of steel separating it from Regional Victoria and the state borders will be open.


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