Ep. 104 Sacha Stone of the New Earth Project

The new normal is a phrase we have heard countless times in 2020. On the end of week edition of WilmsFront we explore an alternative better normal and a more free just world with my guest Sacha Stone founder of the New Earth Project headquartered in the Akasha NewEarth Haven in Bali.

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Show Description

Sacha doesn’t hold back in describing Victorian Premier Dan Andrews and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and decries the obedience and passiveness of Australians in tolerating the actions of their governments during the coronavirus lockdown. Sacha believes that only humankind itself can determine the earth’s future, they can choose not to listen give further authority to their so-called leaders.

Sacha and I go through the institutions that got the earth to this 2020 crisis: the mainstream media, the central banking cartels. To begin holding those in power and elites to account Sacha founded the International Tribunal for Natural Justice which has a particular focus on human trafficking and child sexual abuse.


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