Ep. 103 Cross-Examining Inquiries

2020 has shown that many Australians blind faith in government integrity and competence in times of crisis has been seriously misplaced. Various inquires and commissions are currently investigating coverups, dodgy deals and stuff-ups at the state and federal level. Are these inquiries delivering accountability? On the midweek edition of WilmsFront my guest Kyle Kutasi and cross-examine the effectiveness of the current batch of inquiries.

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Kyle Kutasi is President of the HR Nicholls Society which lobbies for more flexibility in Australia’s labour market and is a lawyer by trade. He is based in New South Wales which is semi-open.

Kyle doesn’t see the cycle of lockdowns in response to coronavirus case numbers ending anytime soon. Voters this year have rewarded governments who have imposed lockdowns as they did with Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Party in New Zealand on the weekend. Many are kept happy during lockdowns with government welfare and not worried about when it will need to be paid back.

Kyle has followed the ICAC hearings exploring the relationship Premier Gladys Berejiklian and former MP Daryl McGuire. He believes Gladys has managed the public view of this relationship very well that will see that she remains in the job.

In Queensland with the state election less than two weeks away the Liberal National Party Opposition led by Deb Frecklington doing its most to lose the unlosable election against Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk. Kyle is scathing of the poor quality of the current batch of the so-called centre-right Conservative MPs.

In Victoria which is still in lockdown, Kyle is not surprised given the lack of powers the Board of Inquiry into the state’s fatal Hotel Quarantine Program has that it took Peta Credlin to get the inquiry to actually dig deeper into who made the decision to use private security.

The US election is also only two weeks away. Kyle is not a fan of the Trump Presidential style and his lack of substantial policy action action and reform during his Presidency. If Trump loses Kyle predicts there will be a massive crisis and reckoning in US conservatism.


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