Ep. 102 Lifting Walls and Wool

Melbournian’s house arrest has ended today but the lockdown continues for another two weeks. The discission should now turn to lifting walls around our city and the other states. On this start of week edition of WilmsFront my guest is fellow Melbourian Millie Fontana who has been one of many local activists lifting the wool from her fellow citizens’ eyes about the lockdown.

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Millie and I reflect upon what the past six months has been like for us Melburnians. We know much more about the coronavirus than we did back in March. It was during the second lockdown when Millie began to speak out against the lockdown given the high recovery rate for the virus, the unreliability of the tests and endless treatments available to help ease symptoms and save lives.

Millie explains the climate leading up to the September 5 Freedom Day protests amongst activists where Victoria Police did all they could to suppress attendance and charged organisers with incitement. Millie has since been one of the lobbyists organizing email campaigns against the state of emergency extension and the preventative detention powers in the omnibus bill, the latter campaign was successful.

We finish by assessing how close we think we are to the full end of the lockdown in Melbourne, mandatory masks which have increasingly little if any benefit and when the ring of steel around Melbourne and other state borders will be lifted. Will the old normal only be acheived through a vaccine. The federal government intends to roll out a digital international passenger declaring which can accommodate digital vaccination certificates.


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