Ep. 101 Marxist Public Gatherings

While Victoria still remains in lockdown the rest of Australia is open for business. This has also meant local Marxist activists have resumed their public gatherings at university campuses to cause disruption. On this end of week edition of WilmsFront the Unshackled’s Marxist and Antifa expert Lucas Rosas returns to the show to provide an update.

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison was attacked by Socialist Alternative members at the University of Queensland during a visit last Monday. Lucas couldn’t believe the lack of security around the Prime Minister that he went to the university during student election week. The X factor at the student elections is leftist suspended student Drew Pavlou who has become Australia’s most prominent anti-Chinese Communist Party activist.

At the University of Sydney leftist students have been protesting against government university funding changes which have made Arts, Law and Commerce degrees the most expensive. These protests have been in breach of NSW covid restrictions so NSW Police have fined and arrested them. Local Green Marxist politicians have joined the protestors at the university who are members of another Marxist group Solidarity.

Tim and Lucas also discuss the Marxists’ allies in the mainstream and online rag media. Even though Marxists and leftists work for News Corp Australia the fact that it has centre-right commentators and personalities is too much for them so former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has led a push for a Murdoch Media Royal Commission.

Before and after my chat with Lucas I inform the audience on the lockdown situation in Victoria. More legal challenges are being made against Dan Andrews’ lockdown decrees, rebel businesses are reopening and more medical experts are speaking out against the lockdowns.


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